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Why should I choose CredentialedCARE?

  • Chances are you currently use a company for your verification and background check services that does not focus on the long-term care industry.  That sort of “one size fits all” approach can be both inefficient and ineffective. CredentialedCARE is the only service that focuses exclusively on the long-term care industry.  Not only will our CCC services streamline your workflow processes in conducting employee verifications, but you will join a network of providers that consumers know they can trust.  Your potential clients will feel safer knowing that each individually verified caregiver will receive an ID badge with a unique number tied to their SSN that will allow for easy tracking in the future. Network membership also serves as leverage to gain more business from insurers and acute care providers and facilities.
  • You'll also have the right to display the CCC “Seal of Distinction” on your print materials and website to differentiate yourself from the competition. Being awarded the Seal of Distinction puts your business in a class above, and gives prospective clients the confidence to choose you.


How is CredentialedCARE different from other background check services?

  • CredentialedCARE (CCC) is the leading national network of credentialed and prescreened long-term care providers. To join the network, providers must meet rigorous standards and provide critical information about themselves, their staff and their operations. These proprietary criteria are customized to meet each state's requirements for considering a worker's eligibility for a position as a direct care worker. For the many states with minimal or no criminal history criteria, CCC has developed a unique set of standards based on research performed on the states with the most stringent background checks. In addition, the credentialing process ensures that members are licensed, competent and professional. It also gives providers a way to demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality care. My home care agency is a small, local business.


How can CredentialedCARE help us?

  • Some consumers may question whether a small, local agency has the staff and the background to provide high-quality care. Membership in CCC can alleviate those concerns. Membership can also allow a small business to differentiate its care services from those of larger companies, providing a leg up on the competition.


I have employees and contractors working for the agency. How can I use your services for them?

  • Care seekers want access to information about the care providers charged with overseeing the daily activities of those in need. The agencies and companies employing those care providers need relief from the screening and verification functions related to managing their business. CredentialedCARE is the initiative developed by CCC to relieve the burdens of comprehending the complexities of state law governing worker eligibility while at the same time shedding more light on the inner workings of the organization for the care seeker. The end result is greater confidence and trust in your business by your clients and their families. 


I am an individual caregiver, can I become a member of CredentialedCARE?

  • Yes, you can have a profile just like the agencies and facilities and you will undergo a verification, pre-screening and credentialing check that differs only slightly from the type of check an agency or facility member will receive.


What does it cost to use your services and join CredentialedCARE?

  • See our fee schedule.


What does the verification, pre-screening and credentialing process consist of?

  • CCC’s verification process consists of investigating various criteria related to the care professional's identity, background, experience, licensing and insurance/bonding status. CCC updates the profile data regularly and the member must meet the criteria annually. The LTC employer is also subject to a similar but distinct verification process in order to attain membership for the company and its employees.


Where does CredentialedCARE get its information on workers and the long-term care companies who hire them?

  • CCC uses over 3000 researchers nationwide to obtain current and complete criminal records. We send these researchers directly to courthouses to check criminal records at the county level using the social security number to locate seven years of previous history. CCC also queries multiple statewide and nationwide databases to verify and credential long-term care workers. Agencies, facilities and companies are also pre-screened and verified to determine if the business has a troublesome history. Once our criteria have been met, the CCC Seal of Distinction can be issued and the care provider's profile (and that of the employees) can be published on the CredentialedCARE Finder site for the care-seeking public to easily search and find.


What are the privacy and security policies of CredentialedCARE?

  • Our goal is to provide e-commerce solutions facilitating the secure purchase and delivery of consumer or business-related information and products over the Internet. We have implemented several layers of security comprised of SSL, PGP, IPSEC, SSH, Firewall, Router Filtering, User Level Login Password, and Network Monitoring.  Please note that clients must conform (where applicable) to the regulatory compliance requirements in terms of business need or permissible purpose as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA ).
  • CCC does not disclose sensitive information collected in the verification process on its websites. For more information, please review  our Terms and Conditions (link). 


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